'Dick & Ben: No Survivors'
Miley Pruritus from the series The Fruits of Self-Loathing
Fouling One's Nest
The Patriot
 Unfired clay (terracruda), readymade luggage cart, 36"x28"x25".  "When I rejoice that the old craft's movement is dead ridding us of its mountains of heavy baggage, I am not being disrespectful. Craft's remains should not simply be tossed on the scrapheap of cultural detritus from the past century. There IS much to salvage that is underrated and of immense value.'  -Garth Clark,  How Envy Killed the Crafts , 2008  By Benjamin Peterson  benjamin peterson artist, ben peterson artist, ben peterson ceramics
Piss Ur Pants Otter (detail)
 I HATE U BEN (installation)